Innovation and experience in the study of products for architecture and furniture.

EM editing

We support professionals and individuals from the conception of the project to its realization, through a creative and implementation path studied in detail.
We search for the most suitable raw material for every single need, taking care of the processing and above all identifying the special finishes.
We offer you extensive solutions for every type of project.

Private house

The research of materials

What makes the EM editing service unique in the field of stones and marbles is the search for the material right from the extraction in the quarry. The experience in the sector and the knowledge of the origin of the raw material makes it possible to choose the block from which to obtain the slabs, according to the sizes required and the project variables.

The EM editing materials are perfect for interpreting contemporary spaces, where natural stone knows how to be an accomplice with light and dialogues with it to expand the profiles and shapes of the furnishing elements.

EM editing provides wood flooring and coatings. The material is always guaranteed of high quality. The specialty of EM editing is the finishing of the material.

The final wooden product is born from the combination of the essence with the most modern technologies, together with the craftsmanship of the detail.

We offer a particularly material type of resin, which stands out through a careful installation, unique by hand. The product is porous, with a three-dimensional texture due to the sensitive manual processing and high quality covering products.

In support of this type of solutions, there are substructures and details of metal finishes that complement the environment and the final result of the architecture.